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Fraser SC

Fraser Mackintosh

Fraser farms alongside his parents and brother at Mains of Buthlaw near Peterhead in Aberdeenshire. Their business, Mackintosh Farms, won the highly-competitive Royal Northern Agricultural Society Good Farming Practice Award last year.

The farming business, which runs to 485ha (1,200 acres) of arable land and 200ha (500 acres) of grass, has diversified into growing high-quality haylage, hay and straw for the equestrian and pet markets, trading as Ugie Valley Feeds. Fraser invested in a straw pellet plant in 2019, which means the business now takes its home-grown wheat straw and compresses it into pellets for horse and pet bedding using nothing but water as an additive.

“It’s really interesting to be involved in something looking at the future of farming. This is really tailored round the Scottish point of view, and it’s great to see something like this happening here.”