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Neil White

Neil White

Greenknowe Farm

Neil White, an arable farmer from Berwickshire, Scotland, manages his home farm and contracted lands. He grows a variety of crops like winter barley, OSR, winter wheat, spring beans, spring oats, and malting spring barley.

Before 2015, Neil used a regular plough and power harrow system. But in 2015, he learned about reduced tillage from a Mzuri demo.

By 2016, he got a Mzuri strip till drill and used it for wheat, OSR, and spring beans. Gradually, he shifted more toward direct drilling and away from ploughing.

Now in 2023, Neil uses only direct drilling for all his crops. He also tries winter cover crops and companion cropping. He does contract sowing and demos for Mzuri.

These changes have boosted his profits, cut fuel and setup time by two-thirds, and improved his soil with less compaction and better water capacity. His eco-friendly methods are well-regarded by the market and the Scottish government.