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Liz Bowles

Liz Bowles

Chief Executive, Farm Carbon Toolkit
Liz is the Chief Executive Officer at the Farm Carbon Toolkit, a role she took following having been a director there for the past five years. Liz has a wealth of experience of agriculture and food both in the UK and internationally. She has worked in the sector for over 30 years and brings a practical approach combined with scientific and sector knowledge to her roles. Some of her roles have included working for the English Food and Farming Partnerships, ADAS and as the Associate Director of Farming and Land Use at the Soil Association. Liz has a deep and practical understanding of the importance of improving soil health, reducing environmental impacts and greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture, and building resilience within the sector. She advocates that building economic resilience must occur alongside retaining product quality and animal welfare standards and building sustainable, regenerative practices on farm.