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David Cruickshank

David Cruickshank

Farmer, Logie Newton, Huntly

David farms at Logie Newton, Huntly, in partnership with his mother and daughter. The farm is mainly arable, with 200ha (500 acres) of crops, including producing spring barley for malting as part of the Banff and Moray group for The Glenlivet, along with growing winter wheat, winter barley and oilseed rape.

The business has planted some commercial woodland as part of the Millennium Forest initiative, as well as some native woodland. A couple of biomass boilers have been installed on-farm to provide heating, with wind turbines also being part of the renewables mix. The business is also keen to embrace diversification opportunities and is actively considering new opportunities.

“This is new and different, and tackling the topical areas and challenges ahead. It will be different from anything else out there.”