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01 Sep 2023

Farmer's Toolbox

Yara UK Stand information: A410

Information and knowledge is fundamental to making better informed nutrient decisions. Yara also offer, a collection of tools help you to make better nutrient decisions, in making the right fertiliser choice and applying the right amount of nutrients, at the right time and in the right place. So that the crop yield and quality can be maximised whilst still keeping costs in check, avoiding over-fertilisation and protecting the environment.



As a global leader in nitrogen (N) fertiliser production, Yara's key ambition in the next decade is to build a nature-positive food future. Yara Research and Development created Atfarm in 2018 to help farmers reach these goals. 

In today's world when nitrogen fertiliser prices are volatile and their usage is regulated more every year, tools like Atfarm bring the power of technology to your fields using the computer and smartphone you already have. 



N-Sensor: tractor-mounted remote sensing with real-time variable rate nitrogen management:

  • A tractor-mounted real-time variable-rate nitrogen sensor

  • Measures crop nitrogen requirement as the fertiliser spreader passes across the field

  • Variably adjusts the fertiliser application rate in real-time


N-Tester BT

Created to measure leaf nitrogen in the crop, the N-Tester BT makes it possible to identify the nitrogen requirements of plants directly on the field easily, safely and quickly. The nitrogen fertiliser demand is never constant and can vary considerably from year to year and field to field. By splitting the N-fertilisation into more dressings, it is possible to optimise the N-fertiliser rate according to the actual plant's needs on any field in any year. 

  • A handheld leaf nitrogen measurement tool that is quick and easy to use

  • Establishes a crop's exact nitrogen status from ratings taken in the crop

  • Provides instant field-specific nitrogen recommendations


Soil Testing

Why use soil testing and analysis?

Soil analysis provides fundamental knowledge on the chemical, physical and biological status of a soil. This information is used to manage the soil and to develop an effective Nutrient Management Plan that optimises crop production.

Packages we offer:

  • Soil broad-spectrum (BS)

  • Soil broad spectrum extra (BSE SOL)

  • Animal health soil (AHS)

  • Animal health soil (Se) (AHSa)


If you need any further support, talk to our team on stand A410 at the Furture Farming Expo event and we will be sure to do our best to support you, or you can search for further information at

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