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Do’s and Don’ts for exhibiting at #FFX23

Danny Lawless


  • Do plan ahead: Make a detailed plan of what you want to showcase, how you will display it, and what kind of message you want to convey to the farmers and rural business owners that will attend. 

  • Do make your stand visually appealing: Use graphics, lighting, and interactive displays to draw in your audience and make your space stand out. 

  • Do engage with your audience: Be friendly, approachable, and knowledgeable about your products and services. Answer questions and provide helpful information to build rapport with visitors. 

  • Do collect contact information: Gather contact information from visitors to follow up with them after the exhibition. 

  • Do follow up: Reach out to visitors after the exhibition to thank them for visiting your stand and to offer more information about your products or services. 

  • Do utilise social media: share your stand number across your socials so visitors know where to find you. Ensure you’re tagging Future Farming Expo accounts to get further coverage. 





  • Don't clutter your stand: Avoid cluttering your space with too many products or information. Keep it simple, focused and easy to understand. 

  • Don't be too pushy: Avoid pushing your products or services on visitors. Instead, focus on building relationships and providing helpful information. 

  • Don't ignore your audience: Be attentive to visitors and avoid getting distracted or ignoring them. 

  • Don't leave your exhibit unattended: Always have someone at your exhibit to engage with visitors and answer questions. 

  • Don't forget to follow up: Follow up with visitors promptly after the exhibition to maintain their interest in your products and services. 

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