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02 May 2023

Frequently asked questions


Q: What is Future Farming Expo Scotland?

A: It’s a two-day event, revolving round eight different topic hubs (four on each day), when you’ll meet visitors who are serious about developing their farming businesses, network with other businesses who are working to bring new technology, solutions and ideas to farm, and be part of an innovative, positive and forward-looking event for Scottish agriculture.

Q: Why is it in Aberdeen?

A: The area surrounding Aberdeen and the North East of Scotland is one of the powerhouses of Scottish agriculture. It’s an area renowned for enterprising, driven and determined farmers who are serious about investing in their businesses to drive them forwards, whatever sector they may currently be in. Our venue on the outskirts of Aberdeen is a new, state-of-the-art exhibition centre. It’s easy to access by road, rail, or air, has plenty of parking and accommodation, and it’s also keen to support farming; its catering team use local produce, and it’s even heated using an AD plant (which you can tour as part of the event).

Q: What sort of businesses will be taking part?

A: This event is entirely built round what farmers have asked for, and in our research they told us they were keen to talk to any businesses who could help them survive and thrive in a time of great change for agriculture. Despite several difficult years, farmers want to talk to companies who can help them address some of the challenges they face, whether that’s technical, financial, management or anything else. If you are a business who can help farmers move their businesses forward, you’ll fit right in.

Q: Do I need to bring loads of kit and a big team with me?

A: If you’ve ever been to our sister event, CropTec, this expo will run along similar lines. It’s all about knowledge exchange – the conversations – rather than just seeing impressive bits of kit (though we may have some of that too!). We want businesses of all sizes to be part of this, and we’re keen to encourage everyone to talk to visitors about their challenges and how you can help – it’s definitely not about having the biggest stand, more about talking through how you can help address the challenges our visitors face.
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