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28 Jun 2023

Dairy labour challenges need to be resolved to protect food security

Labor challenges in the dairy industry pose a threat to food security, as highlighted in an article by The Scottish Farmer. Factors such as Brexit and the COVID-19 pandemic have exacerbated the shortage of skilled workers, creating a significant labour gap. This shortage jeopardizes the stability and sustainability of the dairy sector, potentially leading to reduced milk production, increased costs, and disruptions in the supply chain. The article suggests that technological advancements like robotics can complement human labour but not replace it entirely. To address the issue, the article calls for attracting local workers through improved training, competitive wages, and benefits, as well as streamlined immigration policies for recruiting skilled workers from overseas when needed. A comprehensive strategy involving innovation, workforce development, and flexible immigration policies is necessary to safeguard the future of the dairy sector and ensure food security. 
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