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29 Mar 2023

7 reasons why you need to attend Future Farming Expo Scotland

Forward-thinking farmers, advisors and rural business owners will attend the Future Farming Expo to learn the very latest techniques, network and do business. The fast changing landscape for farming means strategic thinking, business resilience, new technology and rapid innovation are becoming more important on-farm, particularly as Scotland works towards its Net Zero goal. 1. EIGHT KNOWLEDGE HUBS Our eight knowledge hubs will run a full programme of speakers, panels and keynotes, providing solutions and advice to all practical and real issues highlighted in our farmer research. Click here to see the full list of hubs. 2. MADE BY FARMERS, FOR FARMERS The content, style and delivery of our event is driven by farmer feedback during our research and discussions with the Steering Board Committee -  this is an event which will deliver specific content to help farmers plan for the future of their business. 3. BUSINESS DISCUSSION #FFX23 is a business discussion event, focusing on knowledge transfer and enabling a platform for conversations between experts and farmers, and the ability to get your key questions answered. 4. HELD IN ABERDEENSHIRE The event, held at P&J Live, Aberdeenshire, is accessible to the whole of Scotland, providing more farmers with the opportunity to speak to experts from all over the UK, all under one roof. 5. SHARP AND INSIGHTFUL SESSIONS Our speakers will deliver short, sharp punchy content followed by a Q&A session. The discussion will then be opened further, engaging in the opportunity to ask any questions on a personal level. 6. FOR THE WHOLE OF FARMING AND ITS FUTURE No aspect of farming is left out at Future Farming Expo. The focus of this event is on farming businesses as a whole and looking to what the future holds with everything from renewables and robots to business and personal resilience being covered across 2 days. 7. EXCLUSIVE ANAEROBIC PLANT P&J have their own innovative energy centre which uses food and garden waste from around Aberdeen, its then digested in a Anaerobic plant and the resulting hydrogen gas is harvested and used to power the energy centre, which you will be able to have an exclusive tour of!  
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