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Strong interest from agriculture sector in north east digital demonstrator farms

Opportunity North East Stand information: A426
New digital technology developments have the potential to radically improve growth rates, efficiency and profitability in farming.
An exciting technology project for north east Scotland’s farming sector has attracted strong interest from farms keen to trial new digital solutions.

The ONE Agritech Programme will demonstrate the practical application of digital technology in arable and livestock enterprises of all sizes to improve profits, save time, meet the challenge of net-zero carbon emissions and take the drudgery out of statutory recording requirements.

The programme is led by Opportunity North East (ONE) and supported by the Scottish Government’s North East Economic Recovery and Skills Fund (NEERSF). ONE is working with SAC Consulting and SAOS on its delivery.

Peter Cook, director of food, drink and agriculture at Opportunity North East, said: “Farmers have never been so pressed for time. Labour is scarce, expensive inputs need to be managed well, and there are likely to be increasing demands for data collection for the new support regimes. Thankfully there’s also an explosion in the availability of new technologies to help us monitor and manage every acre, animal, and machine. If we have the data, we can make faster and better decisions, get rid of some of the management hassle, automate arable and livestock handling and carve out premium markets.

Aimed at farmers and managers involved in all farming sectors and co-operatives, merchants, and processors from throughout the supply chain. It will provide insight on the latest agritech developments for the region and their direct application on farms, production units and further through the processing industry. It will include farmer speakers from across Scotland sharing how they are using new technology and their plans; researchers on how new technology is being developed to improve efficiency on farm and follow through to the supply chain; technology providers and developers with stands showing what’s available; and support organisations.